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It’s near impossible to buy a car that somehow doesn’t integrate with your smartphone, so why not a bike? After creating three “smart” helmets (here ,here  and here) with features like Bluetooth communication through your phone, crash detection & alert, and turn signals, Livall is taking that integration directly to the bike itself. And they’ve managed to add some unique features for an impressively low price.


Lival Bikes Both
Photos courtesy of Livall

Despite being a little gadget heavy, for anyone new to cycling or using it more for transportation than recreation, their helmets meet a perceived need. Now, those needs are added to a bike aimed at the bike-curious. We all like our smartphones these days, and integration is a selling point. So while we have “niches” in cycling, general society views cycling itself as a niche. To appeal to a broad, non-enthusiast audience, smartphone integration is a pretty big deal.

And Livall has developed a pair of “smart bicycles” with just such integration built directly into them.

Livall Mustang

Fortunately, the bikes are good looking enough to appeal to avid cyclists, too. Called the Oxygen series, they get a lightweight carbon frame that’s designed to smooth the ride over rough city pavement, but larger BB section and tapered headtube keep it stiff.

LIvall Oxygen Alps - clear
Liveall Alps

The rest of the components and drivetrain may not be “top-shelf”, the convenience and smart features should appeal to the intended audience.

Livall bling jet Livall bikes

What smartens up the bike are the Bling Jet controller, Bluetooth cadence sensor, and charging stem. The Bling Jet lets you control the Livall app as well as control functions on their smart helmets like turn-signals, phone and walkie-talkie functions, and music playback.

Livall fender 2 Lival pedal 2

Clever features include quick dismount fenders, disc brakes, and a pedal that folds into a kickstand! Check the video, it’s slick. The primary differences between the Mustang and Alps models is the Mustang comes with hydraulic vs. mechanical brakes, a carbon seatpost vs. aluminum, and a 9 vs. 8 speed Shimano drivetrain.  It should arrive 99% fully assembled, all you’ll have to do is attach the handlebar to the stem.

Livall Mustang Specs Livall Alps Specs

  • T800 aerospace-grade carbon fiber frame
  • BSA bottom bracket and tapered headtube
  • 700 x 35c tires
  • Folding pedal bracket kickstand
  • Shimano 8sp (Alps) and 9sp (Mustang) drivetrains and covered chain wheel
  • Removable front and rear mudguards
  • Handlebar mounted phone holder and charger
  • Patented nano cadence sensor inside crankset spindle that works with the LIVALL Riding App to track performance and health stats