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Safety Guidelines

Safety Guidelines

While you’re having fun on your Swegway, don’t forget to be safe! We’ve worked hard to compile the safety guidelines below, but cannot anticipate every scenario, so please always exercise common sense while riding your Swegway. So, read below, remember, and ride safe!

  • Do not carry items when riding.
  • Do not ride in the rain.
  • Do not ride backwards for long distances or at high speeds. Be especially careful when riding backwards and turning.
  • Do not operate near flammable vapor, liquids, dust or fibers, and other fire hazards.
  • Do not start or stop suddenly.
  • Before you start, familiarize yourself with the operating instructions so that you can operate your unit safely and keep it the best condition. Otherwise you may crash, fall off, loose control, etc.
  • While riding your Swegway, exercise common sense and make sure to follow these safety precautions.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and safety gear, including helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and other protective gear. This will help you handle emergencies better.
  • Always wear shoes while riding your Swegway.
  • Avoid riding over obstacles and slippery or wet ground such as snow, ice, and wet surfaces.
  • Avoid riding on items made of cloth, small branches, and stone.
  • Avoid riding in narrow spaces or where there are obstacles.
  • Avoid riding on steep slopes.
  • The Swegway is only for personal entertainment. Only ride the Swegway where permitted. You may not be allowed to ride it on sidewalks and streets. Check your local laws first.
  • Minors, the elderly, and pregnant women should not ride the Swegway.
  • Swegwayfun does not encourage use of its products by minors and discourages use of our products without adult supervision.
  • When riding the Swegway you must comply with local laws and give way to pedestrians.
  • Please be alert to your surroundings to ensure a safe ride. Do not use your Swegway while using your cell phone.
  • Do not ride in dimly lit or dark places.
  • Relax your legs while riding, knees slightly bent. This helps maintain balance when you encounter uneven ground.
  • Make sure your feet are always on your unit. Taking your feet off the Swegway while riding may be dangerous.
  • The Swegway can only support one person. Do not let two or more people ride it.
  • The weight of the user and their belongings should not exceed the minimum load indicated in your User Manual, otherwise you may fall and be injured and damage the Swegway. Exceeding the weight capacity of the unit may result in difficulty controlling the unit and injuries to the rider. This is especially true when riding downhill, as the Swegway may reach unsafe speeds.
  • Ensure the vehicle speed is safe to yourself and others, and be ready to stop at any time.
  • If you are in an accident, please contact 999 right away.
  • If you and your friends are riding Swegways or any other moving products near each other, please keep a safe distance from each other to avoid collisions.
  • When going through doors, remember you are four inches (10 cm) taller on the Swegway.
  • When steering, pay attention to your body’s center of gravity. A sudden shift may cause you to fall.
  • The Swegway is not a medical mobility device. Be sure you are healthy enough to ride it.
  • You always are responsible for your own safety. Swegway is not responsible for injury or accidental death arising from use of our products.
  • Do not tamper with or use a Swegway if you have disassembled your unit.
  • While learning to use a Swegway, make sure you have a buddy to help you balance until you are proficient with balancing on your own.
  • If your unit is damaged, punctured or otherwise not fully functional, please refrain from use and call our Customer Service department.