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Ninebot Max vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro – Comparison

Ninebot Max vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro – Comparison

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Ninebot by Segway is about to release their new e-scooter. There have been rumours about a “Segway Max” scooter but apparently the naming changed and the new model will be called Ninebot KickScooter Max. Their Indiegogo campaign will start on Tuesday May 21st. The main question is: How does it compare to Xiaomi’s latest e-scooter the Xiaomi Scooter Pro?

Ninebot Max vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro


Ninebot Max vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro

Basically both e-scooter are manufactured by the same company, which is Ninebot. Ninebot bought Segway a few years ago and Xiaomi invested in Ninebot when buying shares. But still there are two models to compare. And Ninebot already announced: “We bring the perfect combination of upgrades from the M365 and the ES4.” (Ninebot ES4 is the Ninebot ES2 scooter with extra battery)


We don’t have a lot of information right now, but as soon as Ninebot Max is released I’ll add that information:



It seems the design of Ninebot Max is to Xiaomi Scooter Pro. It seems Max inherited more DNA from the Xiaomi series rather than Ninebot ES1 & ES2 series. As you can see on the pictures the folding mechanism of Ninebot Max is similar to Xiaomi Scooter Pro as both fold above the front wheel. Compared to previous Ninebot models the battery now sits under the footstep, similar to Xiaomi Scooter Pro. I prefer that as the driving experience is way better with the center of gravity being lower. A fact that convinced me during my Ninebot ES2 vs Xiaomi M365 comparison review. The footstep of Xiaomi Scooter Pro is a bit larger than the one on Xiaomi M365, which is quite convenient for a more comfortable ride. Now the footstep of Ninebot Max looks massive that’s due to the huge battery, but more on that later. Both feature a foldout stand to conveniently park the scooter. Ninebot Max features a built in charging cord, so you can charge it on the go without having to think of taking it with you!

Ninebot Max vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro M365 - Folding Mechanism

Ninebot Max vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro – Folding Mechanism



There’s not much info out yet. It is stated that Ninebot Max will offer a max. speed of 25 km/h, that’s the same compared to Xiaomi Scooter Pro. Also the max. climbing angle is stated with 15% on Max while Xiaomi offers 20%. So we can expect about the same performance.

Battery & Range

The announced range for Ninebot KickScooter Max is massive: 64 km / 40 miles. That’s almost half as much again compared to Xiaomi Scooter Pro. I guess the enormous range will take its toll resulting in far more weight. Guess you will need to decide if you are just riding the e-scooter or if you have to carry it as well. e.g. when carrying it in public transport.

LEDs & Display

Compared to Xiaomi M365 the newer Xiaomi Scooter Pro holds a LCD display. To Ninebot Max the LCD display is not a new addition since Ninebot ES2 & ES1 already offered that to conveniently check speed, battery status and settings. Xiaomi Scooter Pro offers 3 driving modes indicated on the display: ECO for energy saving mode (15km/h), D for standard mode (20 km/h) and S for sports mode (25 km/h). Ninebot Max will offer 4 driving modes, but the details were not announced yet. In fact both displays look pretty similar when you check the font of the speed and the symbol of the driving mode.

Ninebot Max vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro M365 - Display

Ninebot Max vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro – Display


Tires & Brakes

No infos were announced for Ninebot Max so far, but the images allow a few assumptions: Ninebot Max doesn’t show any suspension, same as Xiaomi Scooter Pro. Therefor I think both e-scooter will be equipped with air tires for a comfortable ride on uneven grounds. (Ninebot’s previous models featured solid rubber tires with suspension on front – ES1 & ES 2- nad supension on the rear wheel – ES2 only.

Both e-scooter are equipped with a brake handle. Xiaomi Scooter Pro offers two separated brake systems: Integrated in the front wheel there is an eABS, regenerative anti-lock braking system. When you release the accelerator lever, the front wheel slowly brakes and the generated energy flows back into battery. The back wheel holds a 120mm disk brake which is activated with the brake handle on the steering bar.
I’m currently not sure if Ninebot Max is using the same system as it is not visible in the image. I think the downside of Xiaomi is that the mainly used brake is the back-wheel brake when no energy flows back into the battery since the front-wheel brake can only be preset and not influenced during braking.

Ninebot Max vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro

Ninebot Max vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro


Ninebot Max vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro – in a nutshell

Based on the info I got so far both e-scooter seem pretty similar and comparable. Ninebot Max offers an incredible range but might be very heavy because of that. Not sure if there will be any additional features – Stay tuned!


Price / Availability

Ninebot Max

No price is announced so far and the availability is not stated as well. The Indiegogo campaign will start Tuesday May 21st.

Xiaomi M365 PRO

  • £597