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  • New Xiaomi M365 Pro vs Xiaomi M365 – Comparison

    Xiaomi just released its new e-scooter Xiaomi Scooter Pro. It got a lot of interesting new features, for example a display which was one of the items where M365 lost against Ninebot ES2 in my Xiaomi M365 vs Ninebot ES2 comparison. It got a larger capacity battery for increased range & a stronger motor, so let’s check out the new features:
  • Xiaomi M365 Pro - Electric Scooter Review

    In this review, our electric scooter experts take an in depth look at Xiaomi's latest ride and give you the low down on everything you could possibly need to know. The M365 Pro is an update on the hugely popular M365. The previous model is one of the world's best selling electric scooters and we are sure the Pro version will be just as popular. Watch the review below.
  • Can electric scooters be used in the rain?

    It’s one of the fundamental truths we lived with for decades: water and electricity don’t mix. But with electric scooters, the temptation to
    throw caution to the wind and ride out in the rain is too great to ignore. So, this article will answer the question: “Can electric scooters be
    used in the rain?”

    As is usual with these questions, the definitive answer is . . . maybe.

  • Are Electric Scooters Worth It?

    Electric scooters have been around since 1996. But they’ve just recently seen a massive uptick in popularity and public interest, especially in larger American cities and on college campuses. This is in part thanks to the growing number of eScooter rental companies, like Bird, Lime and, more recently announced, Uber. With so many rental scooters hitting the market, more and more people are considering making a purchase of their own. And they’re asking one simple question: are electric scooters worth it?