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Hoverboard Highlights From Swegwayfun

Hoverboard Highlights From Swegwayfun

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Below we have outlined our entire hoverboard offering. We hope that it finds you well.



The Swegwayfun Warrior G2 is an advanced hoverboard with dual 350-watt motors, iOS/Android app connectivity, smart battery management and integrated Bluetooth speakers.

Our flagship premium hoverboard, the Swegwayfun G2 features multiple modes to tailor the riding experience for a perfect fit, whether you’re a beginner or you’re already blowing people’s minds. Jet as fast as 12 miles per hour for up to 15 miles ** on a single charge. Or, take it slow and easy in Learning Mode until you get used to the controls. Upgraded internal self-balancing technology works to keep you level and balanced, physically. And with updated firmware, the Swegway G2 delivers a smooth ride and responsive navigation controls.

Unlock advanced features with the Swegwayfun companion app for both Android or iOS smartphones. Adjust riding modes, check battery life, monitor speed and system stats and more.

But there’s more to the warrior G2 than just being bigger, faster and stronger than other hoverboards. It’s also tougher and more reliable. ABS plastic and aluminium create a durable casing with an ultra-strong frame, capable of supporting riders up to 150 KG. And like all Swegwayfun Hoverboards, the Warrior G2 is rated IPX4 (protection against splashed water) and UL2272-certified.

Additional features include battery indicator, embedded Customisable LED turning signals and its Fire Retardant.

Visit our product page to see the current deals and Bundles we have on the G2.


The Swegwayfun Hummer is the first hoverboard to handle 100Kg. Whether you’re dealing with gravelly trails, grassy plains, or muddied roads, the Hummer  can take it all.

Roll carefree on massive 8.5" tubeless tires. High-tread pattern and staggered shoulder blocks deliver superior traction on uneven roads. You’ll have all the power you need to go up 30° inclines and thunder across just about any type of terrain. Extra-wide non-slip foot pedals ensure comfortable and secure footing on bumpy rides.

The Hummer robust powertrain lets riders cruise up to 12 miles on a single charge and top speeds of 12 miles per hour. Your next adventure is just off the road. 

Ride to your own soundtrack with integrated Bluetooth® speakers connected via the app. Just connect, play and go. Use the app to monitor battery levels, check speed, switch riding modes and more.

  The Swegway Hummer carries UL2272 certification and smart battery management technology. Charge up your board in 2-3 short hours. Spend more time riding and less time tethered to an outlet.

As of today, we still have the Hummer in stock, but they are going fast. You can check availability on the product page.


Step on the all-new Swegwayfun 6.5 Classic Disco and take your soundtrack along on your next neighborhood adventure. Cruise up to 7.5 miles per hour for a range up to 8 miles on a single battery charge. Or climb those 30° hills on campus and get to your next class with time to spare.

Unlock advanced features with the companion app, available for iOS and Android. Check battery life, monitor system stats, track your route and more. Use the app to play music on the Classic Disco built-in dynamic Bluetooth speakers, or switch riding modes between “Learning” and “Standard.” Ready for a challenge? Activate “Advance mode” via the app and unleash the beast.

We’ve packed the Classic Disco with loads of in-demand features, but that doesn’t mean we forgot the basics. Riding is as simple as start, steer and stop. Hop on the non-slip foot pads and navigate with your feet. Intelligent gyroscopic sensors detect where you want to go and powerful dual motors take you there. Just shift your weight to control the ride.

Like all SWEGWAYFUN HOVERBOARDS, the Classic Disco has passed rigorous tests for UL2272 certification. Our  Smart Battery Management technologies offer additional multi-layered protection against over-voltage and extreme spikes in battery temperature.

Other features include bright LED headlights, on-board battery and system indicators and non-slip foot pads.

The Classic 6.5 Disco is sturdy enough to support riders from 20 Kg to  100 Kg. At just 9 Kg net weight, it’s also light enough to be easily carried when you’re on the go. Pair it with one of our Carry Bags for perfect portability.

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