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After You Buy

You’ve done your reading. You’ve picked apart features. You’ve bought the eRideable of your dreams. Now what? Time for the extras! Our products come with accessories, features and all the safety information you need to know before you get moving. These after-purchase items can be summed up in three categories: safety gear and regulations, accessories, and warranty information.


We sincerely hope that every ride is a fun, safe one. Our products all contain documentation and safety information. 

In general, we always recommend you:

  1. Wear safety gear and check to make sure any younger riders are wearing the right gear before riding any e-rideable product.
  2. Check out the manual that came with your product to learn safety warnings and information as well as tips on how to ride.

Regarding safety gear, you should always make sure to wear well-fitting, age-appropriate gear. Things like helmets and elbow and kneepads can help protect you, your friends or your child in case of a riding accident. Even expert riders can get caught off-guard by pedestrians or sudden obstacles.

We recommend riders wear an approved  helmet,  as  well  as  other  protective  gear (knee and elbow pads) at  all  times.


Your e-rideable is likely to come with everything you need in the box. But we understand if you want more time to enjoy your ride. A select number of e-bikes and other products are made with fully removeable batteries which means you’re free to swap one out for a fresh one.


Our products come with a minimum 1-year limited warranty to protect against the unexpected. That means we’ll help replace your e-rideable if it’s defective, damaged during shipping or if there’s any manufacture-related problem.

Our limited warranties are enough to cover most things. But sometimes you’d like a little extra protection, and we understand. We’re happy to offer extended warranties for the length of time that works best for you.