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Things to Know Before Buying a Hoverboard

Things to Know Before Buying a Hoverboard

  • andrew okhiai

Things to Know Before Buying a Hoverboard


Self-balancing scooters are commonly known to be hoverboards among the society. Over the past couple of years, this fun-filling gadget has taken the market by storm and now they exist in the forms of various brands and models. In fact, not all the hoverboards are similar; they may look similar from outside, but may have significant differences when it comes to the features and functionality. Therefore, purchasing a hoverboard can be a challenging task for you. Here are some things you should know before buying a hoverboard. 


It is always important to rely on a reputed product when you buy a gadget like hoverboard. Purchasing a product without having any idea about the basics of the hoverboard is a risky approach. Therefore, you must check the basic aspects at the least before making the final decision. The quality of the material, the durability, lifespan of the battery should be verified at the first instance. 


  1. Refer the return policy carefully 

In general, a reputed hoverboard manufacturer is more than happy to provide you a very sound return policy. Usually, 30 days is the standard period and it is wise not to go for a product that offers anything less than that. 


  1. Check for the battery 

A lot depend on the battery of your hoverboard. In fact, without a solid and lasting power source, you cannot necessarily expect the board to function well. Therefore, be sure that the hoverboard has a battery with a reputed brand name. 


  1. Consider the size of the wheels 

For indoor riding purposes, any wheel size would be ok for you. However, is you intend to ride outdoors, you might think of the wheel size pretty seriously. There can be many cracks, bumps and uneven terrains to overcome when you ride outdoors. Therefore, before you buy the hoverboard, be sure that you go for a wheel size that matches your purpose. For instance, you will need at least a 6.5” hub to deal with quarter inch bumps. In simplest terms, the bigger the wheels the greater the bumps they can handle. 


  1. Compatibility and replacement parts 

Make sure if your hoverboard is compatible with accessories such as hoverkarts. These additions are capable of delivering you more fun and excitement. Apart from that, you must make sure the availability of the replacement parts of the respective product. Before you make the final decision, verify with the seller if they are capable of providing replacement parts. Otherwise, you will have to give up on your hoverboard just because the unavailability of a single component. 


  1. Be sure about the wattage of the motor 

Practically, smaller hoverboard wheels have smaller motors. Remember, the motor is installed to provide the right amount of torque; too little or too much of torque will not provide you an easy ride. Most of the time 6.5” wheels may come with a 500w motor. When it comes to a 10” wheel the motor may have a power of 700w