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Are hoverboards still a norm?

Are hoverboards still a norm?

  • andrew okhiai

Are hoverboards still a norm?

Hoverboards achieved an enormous popularity within a very short period; it took over items like Xbox and PlayStation in terms of popularity. Particularly, during the Christmas season 2015, Hoverboards recorded an enormous growth in sales and became a norm among various age groups. Interestingly, their popularity seems to be growing and we are now at the end of 2016!


  • Hoverboards are relatively a new idea  

In fact, Hoverboards are a fresh idea in terms of entertainment. They are fresh enough to be an excitement for many outdoor enthusiasts. As per past years’ sales statistics, it can be easily predicted that Hoverboards are going to be among the hot selling items in this Christmas season too. 


  • They overcame controversial feedbacks  

With the enormous popularity they gained over a short period, Hoverboards faced a large number of controversial feedbacks. However, all the manufacturers responded to these minor drawbacks pretty quickly (as they wanted to stay alive in the competition) and rectified them for the delight of Hoverboard enthusiasts. The end result is a much better series of Hoverboards with minimal errors.   


  • New models are introduced consistently 

Hoverboard manufacturers take a great effort to introduce new models pretty consistently. Each of these ‘upgrades’ come with newly integrated features, different designs and more options. In simplest terms, Hoverboard market is constantly updating leaving plethora of options for customers. 


  • Their popularity keeps increasing 

Ever since the introduction of Hoverboards, their popularity keeps increasing. In fact, it has already become a norm among younger age groups in terms of recreation. For the past couple of years, Hoverboards have become a prominent gift item in special occasions. Numbers don’t lie; statistics show a significant growth in the sales of Hoverboards. Already, Hoverboards were able to drag a significant attraction in various gadget shows conducted across the globe. 


  • Hoverboards are affordable than you think 

One of the most attractive characteristics about Hoverboards is that they come with extremely competitive price tags. There are a large number of manufacturers out there in the market and due to the heavy competition customers can experience attractive prices. In fact, upon special occasions such as Christmas, customers can expect awesome discounts on these Hoverboards. Manufacturers are now interested in introducing more sophisticated products at affordable prices. 


Modern Hoverboard units come with much affordable prices, various safety features and advance options as a result of the huge competition out there in the market. In addition to the added options, modern Hoverboards have better aesthetic characteristics; there is a range of products to match personal interests of different individuals (different colors, lighting options, designs etc). However, when purchasing a Hoverboard, it is always important to rely on a well reputed brand and a supplier. Be sure that you get a product with an adequate warranty and if you expect the best value for the money you spend. At the bottom line, Hoverboard is still among the most exciting gift ideas for the upcoming Christmas season.