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Would you wear HOVERSHOES? Latest footwear has a hoverboard for each foot

Would you wear HOVERSHOES? Latest footwear has a hoverboard for each foot

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  • A German company developed €499 shoes with a hoverboard on each foot
  • Hovershoes  are essentially two self-balancing hoverboards 
  • Each one weighs six pounds, can travel at five mph, and can go up to five miles 

 Hovershoes or Hoverskates are essentially two self-balancing hoverboards that attach to each foot.

The shoes are currently available for pre-order and are expected to be delivered by late July.  

hovershoes hover skates by segwayfun


This latest invention takes the concept of a hoverboard and splits it into two independent machines: one for each foot!,' the product description reads.

'It's a totally new experience that feels more like rollerskating with the freedom to zip around at will.'

Each shoe weighs six pounds and has a 250-watt motor. 

The hovershoes carry a maximum weight of 176 pounds. 

They have a speed of up to five mph and a maximum range of five miles for a 1.5 hour charge time.

hovershoes hover skates by segwayfun


Hovershoes are also IP65 waterproof, meaning they are resistant to dust and can withstand water projected by a nozzle. 

'What's cool about them is that each one is self-balancing on its own, so the rider won't run into an issue where one foot dictates the movement of the other because they're hinged with a bridge,' 

Hovershoes  are easier to learn and safer than hoverboards. And a lot more fun!' 

Included with the shoes is a charger and a one year warranty.

A video of the shoes from their creator shows off amazing dance moves and graceful hovering you can do while wearing them.

The demonstration shows some of the maneuvers that simply wouldn't be possible with a standard hoverboard, but from the website it looks like a user can join the shoes into one board. 

Walking on air: New 'HOVERSHOES' put a hoverboard on each foot