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Swegwayfun Limited Has Won Its Clients’ Heart With The Brand New 2-In-1 Bolt Kart

Swegwayfun Limited Has Won Its Clients’ Heart With The Brand New 2-In-1 Bolt Kart

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The future of go-kart riding has arrived!

Swegwayfun Limited is a company that believes in promoting mobility without creating pollution. The company deals in “e”-rideables and is said to be the best in the market for what it does. Swegwayfun is the ideal place for anyone who has a need for speed and wants to go fast and furious. The ultimate driving experience can be made possible via a supreme quality electric go kart. 

The Ninebot go kart was considered to be the best electric go kart available in the market until Swegwayfun announced the launch of what we call the coolest go kart to ever hit the market: Bolt go kart. Unlike the Ninebot go kart which is priced at £1299 for the complete kit, the Bolt kart is only £799 for the scooter plus kart kit.


Available in White, Black, Pink, Red and Blue colours, the Bolt 2 in 1 Smart Electric Go Kart Kit is making people drool over it. Now people can ride the electric scooter standing upright or can quickly convert into a 20mph Electric Kart with 3 speeds and Reverse Gear. The Kart can be connected with an App that helps the users to control the vitals of the vehicle and to set the top speed.  

Compared to Ninebot Go Kart Kit, The Bolt Kart possess Bluetooth speakers enabling the drivers to play music while they commute. Furthermore, the kart is powered by a 400W device and can reach a maximum speed of 20 miles (32km/h). The kart can carry a maximum load of 220lbs and comes with an astonishing warranty of 2 years.

The team behind this excellent product is highly dedicated and creative. They believe in providing quality and ease of access to all its customers. The Bolt Kart is specifically designed to act as a fun ride for adults and big toy for kids. In the words of the owner of this wonderful organization, Andrew Jackson: “When it comes to performance, the Bolt Electric Go kart seeks for vehicle benchmarks beyond go karts. The Go kart can sprint from 0 to 12mph within seconds, which matches or even outpaces the acceleration of many automobiles on the market that is well known for their outstanding performance. The Bolt Electric Gokart Bundle comes with the Gokart Kit and an Electric 320w scooter. The Gokart Kit contains a steering wheel, seat, front bumper, and front wheels. The Gokart Kit is fitted over the 320w scooter, which functions as the rear wheels and powertrain for the Gokart.”

About The Company:

Swegwayfun Limited is a vertically integrated business model that ensures the quality of its products because it controls the entire value chain: design, product development, manufacturing, logistics, sales, marketing and distribution. Their latest invention: 2-in-1 Bolt Kart is the perfect example of having huge value in fewer bucks! The Electric Bolt Kart lets its users enjoy two different rides in one pack.