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Hoverboards have become one of the most popular modes of personal transportation in the last few years, and today you can even see many celebrities riding on them. Hoverboards and hovershoes have many characteristics in common which makes them be practically the same – but these two products tend to have a significant difference which sets them apart in a meaningful way.

Hoverboards typically comes equipped with two small wheels on every end of the board, whereas hovershoes are basically like two ONE WHEEL BOARDS with 3.5-inches wheels and wide tires. Just like hoverboards, the hovershoes are incredibly simple to ride and can provide a clear means of personal transport around the city and even work complexes. These devices are perfect for dancers, swaggers, teenagers, and all different Facebook and Instagram influencers.

Moreover, the idea is that you are supposed to stand on them and propel them in whichever direction you’re interested in travelling. Ideally, these devices are powered by a built-in battery-operated device (just like electric hoverboards) which in turn powers the motors on both boards, which provides them with the ability to move in any direction. When you switch them on, the rest is up to you; as you propel your hovershoes in the direction you wish to travel by merely placing the majority of your weight in that specific direction.



Honestly speaking, this is the first time which I have seen such an amazing product. In fact, these smart self-balancing single-wheel electric scooters are much more flexible, more playful, more fun, and extremely lightweight than the most popular self-balancing hoverboards.

But are hovershoes safe? I know this is the question you are possibly asking yourself right now. Naturally speaking, I cannot say that the hovershoes are just about the hoverboard. But undoubtedly, it takes a particular amount of time and practice to seamlessly learn how to control the hovershoes without falling off safely. Just like hoverboards, they do need a specific volume of balance to use them effectively and efficiently. They aren’t challenging to operate them, but the first time you board them, you may find it a bit challenging to maintain your balance and get them going on where you want to travel. It is just like building up a new skill – it merely takes time, practice, and patience.



Before we go any further, let us learn more about the hovershoes key specifications and features! The Segwayfun hovershoes are a real game-changer for the next-generation hoverboards.


The Segwayfun hovershoes comes with a maximum speed of up to 8 km/h when the battery is fully charged. These hovershoes are terrific, and with such a high speed, they are excellent for a light commute around the city. The speed of these hovershoes can be adjusted which makes a perfect option for teenagers or younger children.

The Segwayfun hovershoes comes featuring 54wh Motor on both the hovershoes, which is more than enough power to cover an 8-kilometre range on a single full battery charge. Not to mention that this product comes loaded with a bunch of power inside. Both the hovershoes comes fitted with excellent quality Samsung Lithium Battery, powerful electric motors which are capable of producing up to 250 watts of power. Overall, that is 500 watts of power applied to the 3.5-inches wheels – this must be crazy, right?

When it comes to charging, it takes about one and a half hours for the Samsung batteries to be fully charged. Furthermore, this Segwayfun  hovershoe comes equipped with robust polyurethane 3.5-inches wheels. The wheels are sturdy enough to an extension that they can withstand everyday wear and tear for quite an extended period. Not to mention that these electric one-wheel Hovershoes can hold a maximum weight capacity of 22-198pounds (10-90kg). Unquestionably, these hovershoes are extremely powerful.

Another important thing I liked about these Segwayfun hovershoes is that they have an IP65 water-resistant certification. This means that I don’t have to worry about them being destroyed by water or splashes in case it rains when skating back home. This makes them more ideal to skate anytime. However, I did not mean that you can ride them in water because submerging your Segwayfun hovershoes in water could cause a short circuit.

As mentioned earlier, the hovershoes are incredibly compact and lightweight. This product features a maximum weight of 2.8kg each, which is approximately 5.6kg both of them. Undeniably, I can see these hovershoes replacing the hoverboards pretty easy. Additionally, these hover-skates are made of sturdy and durable materials, which guarantees maximum performance and durability.



Battery Power

53wh/ each

Motor Power

250 watts/each

Load Ranger

10-90kg (22-198lbs)

Full Charge Range

8 kilometre

Max Speed

8 km/h

Max Permissible Gradient

9 degrees

Working Temperature

-100c – 400c



Charging Input


Charging Output


Full Charge Time

1.5 hours


2.8kg /each

Tire Outer Diameter



CE. RoHS, FCC, UN38.3





Why is the segwayfun hovershoes so good?

Well, when I Received the Segwayfun hovershoes, I was not expecting much about them, but honestly speaking, they went above and beyond my expectations. The delivery of the product was extremely quick, and the quality of the hovershoes was superb. These guys have a lot of torque, that’s for sure – I almost fell on the pavement the first time. So, you have to be very gentle the first time you set your feet on the skates.

The box comes included with one pair of Segwayfun hovershoes, one charger, and a user manual. In addition to that, when it comes to warranty, the Segwayfun hovershoes features a six-month limited warranty on the battery and a one-year year limited manufacturer warranty for the rest of the hovershoes to cover any defects – which is pretty impressive.