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Swegwayfun Bolt 2 IN 1 Electric Gokart: The Coolest Gokart Ever - RRP £1999

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Do you have a need for speed, to drift, to go fast and furious, then you need the ultimate driving experience....

The next generation of Gokart is finally here!!






FEATURES Ninebot Gokart Kit Bolt Gokart Kit
Price  £1299.99 £759.99
Available colour White White , Black , Pink , Red , Blue
Adjustable   YES : Steering wheel & Seat  YES : Steering wheel & Seat
Length x Width After extension (Max status): 54×32×24 in (1383×822×600 mm); before extension (Min status): 40×32×18 in (1004×822×459 mm) After extension (Max status): 54×32×24 in (1383×822×600 mm); before extension (Min status): 40×32×18 in (1004×822×459 mm)
Max Weight 100 kg 120 kg
Bluetooth Speaker for music
Power 320W 400W
Maximum Speed 15 mph (24km/h) 20 miles (32 km/h)
Maximum Range 10 miles  15 miles
Max. Climbing Angle 15o 15o
Charging Time 4 hours 4 hours
Recommended age 8+ 8+
Steering ratio 2.1:1 2.1:1
Ground clearance 1.6 in (40 mm) 1.6 in (40 mm)
Traversable Terrain Hardened road, flat road surface, slopes below 15° Hardened road, flat road surface, slopes below 15°
IP rating IPX4 IPX4
Headlight YES YES
Braking method Electronic brake + mechanical handbrake Electronic brake + mechanical handbrake
Warranty 1 year waranty 2 year waranty

Electric Scooter Detachable.   Bluetooth SpeakerAdjustable  Made to Drift
Reversible   APP Control.   Height Range: 4'5" to 6'3"Max Load 220lbs



Be ready to experience the coolest Electric Gokart ever with innovated technology, a drifting machine with 2 motors( Max.800w), accelerates from 0-12 mph within 2 seconds.


Why have just one fun product to ride when you can have two? Bolt 2 in 1 Smart Electric  Go Kart Kit is the coolest  Electric Rideable ever!!!  Now you can ride your electric scooter standing upright or quickly convert into a 20mph Electric Kart with 3 speeds and Reverse Gear!
When it comes to performance, the Bolt Electric Gokart seeks for vehicle benchmarks beyond gokarts. The Gokart can sprint from 0 to 12mph within seconds, which matches or even outpaces the acceleration of many automobiles on the market that is well known for their outstanding performance. 

 The Bolt Electric Gokart features a mechanical handbrake. In the unlikely event that the electric brake fails, the handbrake can be used to stop the vehicle abruptly.


The handbrake is much more than a mere braking alternative to the foot brake. The Bolt Electric Gokart  similarly with the Ninebot Kart are the first gokart in the karting history that is made to drift with an equipped handbrake. Once they get familiarized with riding the Gokart, riders can challenge themselves with the drifting tail by making use of the handbrake.


The Bolt Electric Gokart was designed with an adjustble frame and steering wheel to fit riders between 4' 5" to 6' 3" (130 cm - 190 cm). The Gokart has a maximum payload of 220 pounds (100 kg).

The adjustable frame makes the Bolt Electric Gokart suitable and playable for people of different ages. You can create memorable experiences by driving the Gokart alongside with your family.

The Bolt Electric Gokart has a steering ratio of 2.1:1, allowing for precision steering and the ability to make the very tight turns. 


The Bolt Electric Gokart comes with three driving modes for riders to choose based on their expertise. Novice mode has a top speed of 5 MPH (8 km/h), the Standard mode has a top speed of 10.8 MPH (18 km/h), and Sport mode has a top speed of 15 MPH (24 km/h).

Since the Bolt Gokart has been designed for both children and adults, we want to make sure its being driven at a safe speed for everyone. Parents have the ability to limit the top speed of the Gokart for child riders. 

The battery life of the Bolt Electric Gokart varies across the different driving modes, with a maximum range of 12.4 miles (20 km). It takes about 3.5 hours to fully charge the battery.


Unlike most gokarts, the Bolt Electric Gokart comes equipped with the ability to go in reverse. Once at a complete stop, quickly tap the brake pedal twice and the gokart is now in reverse. When stopped, tap it twice again to go back to forward.  


The Bolt Electric Gokart is collapsible to fit in most trunks, allowing you to take it wherever you want to go.

Connect your Gokart to the app via Bluetooth to display driving speed, cruising range, and fault reminders of the Gokart in real-time. You can also access the new rider tutorial, control lighting, set driving modes, update firmware, and more.

 With our commitment to product development and manufacturing, every aspect of the Bolt Gokart was meticulously designed and developed to ensure a high-quality product.


The Bolt Electric Gokart Bundle comes with the Gokart Kit and a Electric 320w scooter. The Gokart Kit contains a steering wheel, seat, front bumper, and front wheels. The Gokart Kit is fitted over the 320w scooter, which functions as the rear wheels and powertrain for the Gokart.

What does it mean to be UL Listed?

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  • Short Circuit Test
  • Over discharge Test
  • Temperature Test (Determines the failure temperature of a product.)
  • Imbalanced Charging Test
  • Dielectric Voltage Test
  • Isolation Resistance Test (Testing Isolation Transformer.)
  • Vibration Test
  • Shock Test
  • Crash Test
  • Drop Test
  • Mold Stress Test
  • Water Exposer Test
  • Thermal Cycling Test (Testing the effects of extreme differential temperature change.)
  • Label Performance Test (Comparing products against other leading brands.)
  • Strain Relief Tests
  • Motor Overload Test
  • Motor Locked Rotor
  • 20mm End Product Flame (Test that determines flame resistance.)

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