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Xiaomi M365 Pro - Electric Scooter Review

Xiaomi M365 Pro - Electric Scooter Review

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Xiaomi M365 Pro - Electric Scooter Review

In this review, our electric scooter experts take an in depth look at Xiaomi's latest ride and give you the low down on everything you could possibly need to know. The M365 Pro is an update on the hugely popular M365. The previous model is one of the world's best selling electric scooters and we are sure the Pro version will be just as popular. Watch the review below.

How is the Xiaomi Scooter Pro Different?


The Xiaomi Pro improves upon the original in all the right places. Although the new model is slightly larger and heavier than the original, it’s only slight - so it doesn’t really affect your ability to carry it around, but does make it feel sturdier and more comfy thanks to the slightly larger foot plate and grippy texture. Considering the Pro can achieve a range of up to 45km, the well crafted design is even more enjoyable for a longer time.


The simple LED display panel of the M365 (which only showed battery life remaining) has been replaced with a modern, multifunctional display that provides a wider range of information to stay on top of your journey - including speed, riding mode, maintenance stats and of course battery status. 


The Xiaomi Pro is adaptable to your ability and situation! This fully customizable e-scooter has three usage modes to either limit or unleash the amount of battery used. Plan to use your scooter for a long period of time? Switch to the ‘Eco Mode’ to make your battery last all day. Want to reach the top speed of 25km/h - switch to ‘Sports Mode’. For an average day’s usage engage ‘Drive Mode’


The extra weight on the Pro gives you a longer range battery (10 miles more than the original) and also a more powerful one, meaning uphill journeys are even easier. This boosted battery also seems to make the acceleration even smoother. 

How Much Will the Xiaomi Pro Cost?

The Xiaomi M365 is known for being one of the most cost effective electric scooters on the market and we expect the Pro to follow suit! No pricing has been revealed by Xiaomi yet, but as soon as it is we’ll update you. Considering how user friendly, clean and powerful the Xiaomi Mi M365 is, we had high hopes for the Pro and we were’t disappointed. Not only is it five times faster than walking, it’s also the smoothest acceleration and some of the highest battery power we have seen. Whether it’s your first scooter or an upgrade, you won’t be disappointed.

Xiaomi M365 Pro Xiaomi M365 Original
Maximum Speed
25kph 25kph
Eco Mode Max Speed
15kph 18kph - 19kph
Drive Mode Max Speed
20kph N / A
14.20kg 12.50kg
Maximum Range
45km 30km
Battery Pack Power
474Wh 280Wh
15cm Wide Deck
45cm Long Deck
99cm High Handlebars from Deck
14.5cm Wide Deck
40cm Long Deck
95cm High Handlebars from Deck
Hill Climb Ability
55kg Rider
20kph 16kph
Hill Climb Ability
85kg Rider
7kph - 15kph 7kph
With Kicks Needed To Sustain Movement
6 Functions Displays Power display Only