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About UL and The UL Certification?

About UL UL is an international science safety company whose goal is to insure safety to consumer’s products. UL was founded in 1894 and in 1903 developed the first standard for safety. In 1913 changed building construction by improving construction standards of walls. In 1921 UL Certified First Refrigerator. Tests range from shock hazard to the ability of small kids being able to open it from the inside. In 1923 UL certified the first Burglary-resistant Safe. 1930 UL certified the first Automatic Dish Washer. 1937 UL certifies the first washing machine. 1939 UL certified the first black and white TV. 1940 UL certifies the first vending machine. 1966 UL certified the first seat belt. In 1975 UL developed the Federal Television Standard in response to 10,000 reports of TV Tube fires. 1978 UL certified the first personal computer. In 1988 UL certified the first bullet resistant vest for police. (*** This data was found on the UL website, http://www.ul.com/aboutul/history/***) What does it mean to be UL Certified? “ UL Listed means that UL has tested represented samples of the product and determined that it meets UL’s Requirement’s These requirements are based primarily on UL’s published and nationally recognized Standard for Safety. References to UL and the UL listing may include the UL Listing Mark.” –Underwriter Laboratories Tests SWEGWAY Went Through: Overcharge Test Short Circuit Test Over discharge Test Temperature Test (Determines the failure temperature of a product.) Imbalanced Charging Test Dielectric Voltage Test Isolation Resistance Test (Testing Isolation Transformer.) Vibration Test Shock Test Crash Test Drop Test Mold Stress Test Water Exposer Test Thermal Cycling Test (Testing the effects of extreme differential temperature change.) Label Performance Test (Comparing products against other leading brands.) Strain Relief Tests Motor Overload Test Motor Locked Rotor 20mm End Product Flame (Test that determines flame resistance.) Can I collect? Of course. You can order online and collect in-store or pop into store and purchase and take away on the day.

Are your hover boards safe?

Swegwayfun hoverboards are entirely safe and come with a verified genuine Samsung battery. We source our batteries directly from Samsung and complete batch tests to ensure that the product you receive is entirely safe and long-lasting. Our hoverboards also come with safe and certified UK chargers which are compliant to BSI 1363. These have been confirmed and verified genuine by UK verified test houses.

What is Hovershoe?

HoverShoes is a step forward in the concept of hoverboard; it combines the fun of a skateboard with the practicality of a Self-balancing Electric Scooters with automatic balancing. The move forwards, backwards, turn and stop functions are controlled by gentle and balanced movements on the footboards. Very easy to use, easy to control and incredibly fun.

Customer Service & RMA’s

SWEGWAYFUN’s customer service is hosted within the United Kingdom. Our Team even has a live chat function on our website on the lower right hand corner. Here at SWEGWAYFUN, customer service is very important to us, and we are working vigilantly to ensure each customer revises the best quality of care. Due to the extreme amount of cases we currently have, we kindly ask that our customers be patient. We will get to your case as soon as possible, we promise. Sincerely,The SWEGWAYFUN Team

How Long Is Delivery?

All orders and payment received before 1pm will be sent out the same day for a next working day delivery. Orders received after 1pm on Friday or during the weekend will be sent out on Monday for delivery on Tuesday.

How hard is it to learn to ride a SWEGWAY?

The SWEGWAY is easy to learn. In about 5 minutes you will get the hang of it and in 30 minutes you will begin to master it. The SWEGWAY with smart App makes it even easier: activate the built-in learning mode to reduce the speed while you learn the basics. Once you have the steering down, simply turn it off and go full throttle.

How long does charging take?

Your Hoverboard will be fully charged in 2-3 hours. Please do not charge your Hoverboard for more than 3 hours. The charger will show red light whilst the battery is charging and will illuminate green once a full charge has been given. If you plan to store a lithium battery for a period of more than 30 days please ensure a full charge is given prior to storage. Another charge may be required after 30 days.

My Swegway Will Not Turn On After I Charged It?

It is very important that care is taken to align the groove on the charging port and the groove on the charger before insertion. There are 3-pins on the charger and 3-pins in the port. Matching up the outdent on the port with the indent in the charger will ensure safe insertion of the charger and avoid breakages. Please do not force the charger into the port without aligning the grooves. Scratch marks around the charger lead is indication of the charger not being aligned properly with the port.

Hoverboard Shudders or Vibrates?

The first thing to try in this case is recalibration. Due to the nature of the product, Hoverboards do need recalibrating especially if crashed or ridden on rough terrain. It simply means the gyroscopes are not level, which can cause an uneaven movement on each side causing vibrations. Recalibration can be done at home: 1. Lay the board level on your lap with your legs bent 90 degrees and the foot pads pointed upwards towards the ceiling or on a flat surface. Make sure the board is off. 2. Ensure the board is completely level using either a spirit level or by eye. You can line up the casing grooves on each section of the Hoverboard, which is usually very accurate. Ensure the Hoverboard is parallel with the floor as if it is tipped forwards or backwards, it will reset to this position as though this is level. 3. Hold the on button. The lights at the front and on the top of the board will flash 5 times in quick succession. Continue to hold until there is a 6th flash which will be a couple of seconds after the 5th flash. After this 6th flash turn the board off and then back on. the whole process should last 45seconds. This should have recalibrated the board into the position it was held. If calibration does not work, this can be a common problem if the Hoverboard has water, mud or dirt particles under the foot pads which are blocking the sensors. This can mean the Sensors are being activated by internal foreign bodies even when you've dismounted. If the Hoverboard has been ridden on muddy or dirty terrain this is the most probable cause. It will need to be returned to us for a service. The cost of a service is £35 including postage both ways.

How do I know I am purchasing a genuine product?

Beware of self balance boards with non standard plugs. These are counterfeit items and are not manufactured by certified companies. All of our genuine boards come with British Standard plug which complies with BS 1363 and is marked so on the plug . Boards and components are CE certified. CE certification documents, certificated and test reports can be produced upon request.

Do you offer warranty?

Yes, all of our products come with a one year warranty on internal computerised parts. Accidental, crash and/or water damage is not covered under this warranty.

Can I collect from your Store?

Yes, You are more than welcome to visit our warehouse in Gravesend where one of our trained member of staff will talk you through all the models we have and match you With the perfect Hoverboard.

How to use your Bluetooth Speaker?

how to use overboard bluetooth speaker It is super easy to connect your device to your hoverboard, in order to play your tunes! Here is our handy guide: Firstly, ensure your device (whether it be a phone or music device) has Bluetooth turned on and the device is “discoverable” Then turn your Swegway Hoverboard ON. Do this by pressing and holding the silver button on the back of the board. The Bluetooth module simply turns on automatically once your board is powered up. Finally, from the settings on your phone or device connect to “Bluetooth”- this is the name of your hoverboard. Your phone or device will now be connected to the board and you are ready to go! Simply press play and enjoy your tunes whilst you ride.

Board Does not Appear Level

If a board has rolled or crashed in any way it can knock it off-centre. The most common troubles we see are footpads that point towards the floor and are no longer level. See above the instructions for recalibration which will return the board to a level-position.

Can I have Saturday/Sunday Delivery?

We offer Saturday or Sunday delivery.